A long time gone…

Oh, wow. I am so sorry, internet. It’s been about five weeks since I’ve posted anything new. It’s not because I haven’t missed you, dear reader(s), I promise. (Speaking of which, how many readers are there, really? It’s hard to say on a recipe blog. I have had an amazing number of hits in the past five weeks without a single new post, but most of them have been through random google searches.)

Anyway, I do this for you, the reader(s), but I also do it for me, because I like food, I like cooking, and I like having a record of the things I have cooked and eaten. I like to look back and see my progression as a home cook. And I won’t lie, I like the validation of positive comments (usually on Facebook, but hey, they’re still comments!). I don’t have the readership to get negative comments, I think. I’m still very low on the food blogging totem pole, which saves me from the terrible, vicious comments from anonymous people on the internet who have too much time on their hands and too many angry thoughts in their heads. (Maybe I am opening myself up to those comments by addressing the issue? It’s an experiment!)

Wow, okay, you’d probably like a food post. I’m going to try to hop back on the posting bandwagon, back to weekly postings of yummy foods. My absence can be explained mostly by a crazy fall semester, which has led to two things: little time to create blog posts and little time to cook new and exciting foods. I do have a backlog of photos from a simpler time when all I had going on was a lot of fun events requiring fun recipes, though. I have some deliciousness in store, and a couple of really yummy looking things to try out this week, so there might actually be a post with some seasonal food soon too. I’m looking forward to it!

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